The Future of Online Advertising (As Predicted in ’03)

I read numerous blogs daily, usually to do with fashion, makeup, hair and server rants (what can I say, misery loves company).

I do however, have one blog in particular that I am quite fond of and lucky for me, it’s relevant to my schooling. ADVERBLOG. No, it’s not just because of they subtle yet in your face display of pink. It’s because they post interesting things in a way which is easy to read and doesn’t occupy too much of my time, allowing me to get back to the previously mentioned fashion blogs. I discovered ADVERBLOG in September, and around then I started looking through their archives, which is when I found this post. It is the second post written on the blog and it dates back to March of 2003. Way back when I was still in high school. Grade 9 to be exact. Back when times were far simpler, when I didn’t know what a blog was, when Facebook was unheard of, when MSN ruled the after school hours and most importantly, when JT ditched the train wreck that is Britney Spears.

Back to the post!

Why I liked it?…. Because of how accurate it is! Think of how much has changed in 9 years. SO much! The world is completely different, the way business is conducted is completely different. Our means of communication, our social interactions. Society in general has completely changed. Would Honey Boo Boo be as popular back in ’03 as she is now, I think not. Clearly, we were more civilized back then. Also, iPods no longer look like this and have the ability to cause blunt force trauma.


Anyways, they called it!

“The future of online advertising is in applications, not in ads. This is briefly the idea expressed today by Sean Carton on He points out, that “the advertisers using the Internet need to involve the user in new and unique experiences that one-way broadcast media can’t possibly accomplish….”

How completely true is this? The Internet has become extremely “user involved” in a way which still surprises me. There are dozens of ways in which the companies use the internet as a way to interact with customers. There are constant contests requesting users to post pictures of a companies product or share their experiences, or to get their friends to “like” a page. There are interactive gaming websites for children and adults alike. There are chat rooms and news forums, websites likes Pinterest,, and reddit. Atop of all this, have you checked out the app store lately? thousands upon thousands upon thousands of apps… with advertising.

Well done ADVERBLOG. You called it.


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