One Of The Best Websites Ever, Like, Ever


I’m sure you have all checked out the Milwaukee police departments website, haven’t you? No? Well, to make sure you are on board with what I’m about to discuss, please go and look. Now, let’s all take another moment out of our busy lives to compare that to the website of Vancouver’s finest. Hmm….. I know which one I would rather spend a Sunday night looking at. In all fairness, the RCMP website isn’t necessarily a news website, whereas the Milwaukee one is, but still, they have done a BEYOND excellent job.

The graphics are so well done, it’s hard to believe this is something a government agency did. The design is smart and  engaging. It is visual story telling at it’s finest. It’s a website I actually want to go back to and check often. I could see their stats section being extremely useful for school projects and just, general knowledge. I’ve definitely spent the good part of multiple days exploring the website and I would LOVE to see something like this come to Vancouver.

It would be a great way to spread important news, educate the public and involve the community in creating a safer environment for everyone.

There are a few downsides however.

I imagine this format being confusing and cluttered for generations not already familiar with a one page scroll. Some people may feel overwhelmed when looking at the website and not really understand how to navigate it. Also, the scroll is extremely sensitive. I find that when I’m trying to centre an image on my screen I either scroll it too high or too low, which is difficult when trying to see an overall picture.

All in all, I think the Milwaukee police department has done a superb job. The website is modern, engaging and interactive. Hopefully more communities catch on and adopt similar approaches to their government websites.



One thought on “One Of The Best Websites Ever, Like, Ever

  1. Hey Shelby,

    Great post, to be honest when I first looked at the website I thought it was a trailer for a new movie coming out. They’ve done a great job in terms of creating a website that is engaging that captures their reader’s attention quickly. Just out of interest I went on Google to search for “cool police websites” to find similar examples I could maybe link you to but most if not all the results pointed back to the Milwaukee Police News website.

    They are having popular bloggers from technology websites such as commenting on how incredible their site is. Loooks like I might have to tweet at Chief Constable Jim Chu and tell him if he wants to stay connected that he should maybe pick up a book about web 2.0. That or take a class with this great professor, Bob Basil, I heard he knows a thing or two about digital marketing. (Brownie points are minor compared to Nevin’s quest for self-promotion).


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