The Question That Plagues Me.

I’ve always been told: grab their attention first. People tend not to read entire reports or articles, so put the good stuff at the front. Here it is: I work harder than anyone I know, cliche, but it is true. Ask anyone who knows me and they will all tell you the same. I am … Continue reading

A Lesson In How To Commit Social Media Suicide

Those of you who are “on the edge”, who just don’t care anymore, who would delight in seeing the company you represent online burn in marketing hell for committing crimes against humanity, please leave, I don’t want you getting any ideas. For the rest of us “normal ones” who just want to hear about the … Continue reading

Let The Truth Be Known!

Perhaps, this is old news to you, as it is to me. I don’t care that it’s old news because it is hilarious, and hilarity never goes out of style. Following, is an example of the best way to reply to a customer concerns over social media, not like the whole Applebee’s debacle, which I … Continue reading

Is Social Media Really the Problem?

I apologize in advance for the long post/rant that follows…. Social media and children is a prevalent topic in our society. Sadly, the conversation is one which gains needed attention after it’s too late. For our A2 assignment I chose to write a report on social media and children (for the purpose of this post … Continue reading

One Of The Best Websites Ever, Like, Ever

I’m sure you have all checked out the Milwaukee police departments website, haven’t you? No? Well, to make sure you are on board with what I’m about to discuss, please go and look. Now, let’s all take another moment out of our busy lives to compare that to the website of Vancouver’s finest. Hmm…..¬†I know … Continue reading